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SSAA Deerstalkers Code Of Ethics

All members of the Deerstalkers’ Club are required to:

1. Hunt with due restraint and in accordance with the highest ideals of good sportsmanship.

2. Obey the rules of safe gun handling and courteously but firmly insist that other members of their party do the same.

3. Acquire those marksmanship and hunting skill’s which will ensure clean humane kill’s; avoid crippling game and make every endeavour to recover wounded game.

4. Respect their hunting companions, the land, the wildlife and through this maintain self respect.

5. Conduct their hunting without greed or selfishness and take only what game can be used without waste. Recover a& usable game meat.

6. Not sell antlers or venison from wild deer.

7. Observe all game laws.

8. Support conservation efforts in the interests of good hunting for future generations.

9. Pass on to younger hunters the attitudes and skill’s essential for ethical hunting.

10. Avoid unnecessary destruction of plant life in the field or forest and leave things in good order for those who follow.

11. Not spotlight deer or shoot from any mechanically powered vehicle, boat or aircraft.

12. Not course any species of deer with dogs.

13. Use only a calibre which will facilitate clean, humane kill’s on deer under the prevailing conditions and can be guided by the following as minimum calibres: sambar/red deer .270 with 150 gr. bullet. Other species .243 with 100 gr. bullet. The club does not recommend a rifle smaller than 30’06 for sambar.

14. Treat the property of others with respect and work to bring about a better understanding between hunters and people who control land (farmers, public authorities etc.)